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What payment method I can use and can not use?

Diyustom currently supports Google Pay, Apple Pay,  credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and payments via PayPal. When you need to pay, just click the “PLACE ORDER” or “PayPal Checkout” button on our website. Our products are personalized and handcrafted to your exact designs and requirements. After confirming the payment, we will start to produce your order.

Credit card payment method:

If you would like to pay by credit card, please use the “PLACE ORDER” option on the store page. If your credit card company or bank uses a different currency, the final transaction price may vary due to currency exchange rates. Please contact your payment provider for more information
You need to fill in your name, address, phone number, and email information in the billing details. Rest assured, your data will be protected and will not be sold to third parties. (see Privacy Policy)

If you’re unable to pay with your debit or credit card:
1: Make sure all information is correct including the credit card number, expiration date, CVV code and billing address.
2: Check your credit or debit account balance for available funds.
3: Check whether your card is authorized or default online transaction limit is too low.
4: Try refreshing the page or logging completely out and then logging back in.
5: Start over with a new order instead of trying to pay for the same order over again.
6: If your payment is still declined, you may need to contact your bank.
As part of their security, most credit card companies will automatically block international transactions or payments unless the card holders specifically request that they accept the transaction.
7: Pay with your credit or debit card through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can safely and easily use the services as a “guest”.
8: Try using a different card.
9: Try through PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

Paypal Payment

  • PayPal is a safer and easier way to send and receive money online. During the checkout process, you will be redirected to the PayPal website and use your account to complete the purchase
  • After viewing the items on the shopping cart page, you can click PayPal to proceed to checkout. You will then leave our website and enter PayPal’s website.
  • You can log into your PayPal account, if you don’t have one, you can follow the instructions to create a new one or use the service as a “Guest” safely and easily

Payment Security

At Diyustom we take security very seriously and we take your privacy very seriously so your personal information will be protected
We use an industry-standard encryption protocol known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and other reasonable measures to protect your information from unauthorized use or disclosure. All confidential data, such as payment information, is encrypted and transmitted over a secure channel encrypted with SSL.

Unacceptable methods:

  • Personal checks
  • Money orders
  • Direct bank transfers
  • Cash on delivery
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